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New Book Explores the Impact of Hurricane Irma on St. Martin Wildlife

French Quarter, St. Martin – The Les Fruits de Mer association has published a new book, Animals After Irma. In the book, eight short essays reveal different ways that the hurricane impacted animals on St. Martin. It also explores how different species survived or even thrived in the aftermath. The book is full of vivid color photos of animals and their habitats after the storm.

Dominican Poet Selected for Curated Online Feature

Dominican poet, Tamara Lowe's work was recently featured in the Acalabash Blog's Poetry Portfolio; curated by John Robert Lee, a notable St. Lucian writer, who along with Andy Caul, the founder and main editor, are the persons behind the online repository of contemporary Caribbean writing. Her poems featured on the site (both written and in audio format) are: "To You Who Love Him,"  “What I Want," and "To Little Black Girls Who May Never Be Told."

A Brown Girl Like Me: A Historical Journey Through HERStory

(Allen Marketing) - Educator and Author La Tanya Brooks’s introduces A Brown Girl Like Me: A Journey Through HERstory. In this book, little Aubri Payton travels back in time and meets a beautiful fairy guide who whisks her off into a wondrous journey through time. The book presents history and victories in short, poetic, and fun lines that paint a picture of courage, audacity, and girl power.  

Companionable Narrators

When we sold my father's house last summer, I drove from New Jersey to Michigan to clear it out. For most of that 12-hour drive, Tom Hanks was my companion as he narrated Ann Patchett's wonderful The Dutch House (Harper Audio) as Danny. The intimacy of his voice almost made me believe he was sitting in the passenger seat, telling the story of his family home, and how the enormity of it drove off his mother and attracted a new stepmother, causing a rift between himself and his father and bringing him closer to his sister. It never occurred to me when I selected this audiobook from Libro.fm that this was the story of various people's relationship to a house. It was cathartic.

Guyanese Poet Awarded Queens Gold Medal

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Guyanese poet Grace Nichols will be awarded the Queen’s gold medal for poetry for her body of work, in particular her first collection of poetry “I Is a Long-Memoried Woman”, her prose, and several books for younger readers.

Poet Grace Nichols. (Photograph by Suki Dhanda/The Observer)

Student Resistance in the Age of Chaos

Mark Edelman Boren's Student Resistance in the Age of Chaos is one of those rare acts of historical sleight of hand where something we have seen fleeting glimpses of for years suddenly looms large and makes sense in a majestic new way. Working as Mark's editor for the last two years, I learned so much.

Reading for a Living

I read for a living, more or less, so Labor Day's approach seems like a good excuse to share some recent titles I loved that are, in addition to many other things, about work. Each does its job well, in very different ways.

Christine Van Zandt: What's Behind Today's Underpants

While I was contemplating nonfiction topics that would engage kids, my (then) third-grader suggested underwear. Yes! I love hearing children laugh when they read, and there aren't many topics funnier than underpants. Once I began researching what had already been published, I felt there was a need for a concise, quick-paced book that could be amusing and informative. I charged forward like a knight in quilted underpants and wrote the first draft.

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