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Making Good Trouble

(TriceEdneyWire.com) - Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights icon who died last year, liked to tell activists that building a better world depended on people being willing to make “good trouble.” Rep. Cori Bush has just given us an example of effective troublemaking that should inspire us to action.

Ben Jealous

The Girlfriend Experience

Wives do get their fair share of criticism, but is it justified? Well, the cockney slang for wife is, ‘trouble and strife,’ and some folks refer to them as the old ball and chain Recently, I was speaking with a colleague of mine and I asked him about his new wife. I never expected his response. “Adjusting to married life is a struggle and kinda’ freaking me out,” he said.

CARICOM’s Sugar Producers, Still Hanging In

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Last year, at this time, against the background of the commemoration of Emancipation Day across the region, I looked at the state of the sugar industry in my article titled, “CARICOM Sugar: a limping industry.”


Is it really best to confess? It is said that confession is good for the soul and it’s also said that confession is an act of honesty and courage. 

Society Crumbles

This pandemic is exposing the weakness of many societies, with some appearing to be crumbling. Most civilizations or societies through the passage of history, did not just die overnight, but rather suffered a slow demise, a crawling, creeping destruction that moved so slowly that its downward passage was hardly noticed, until too late.

Never Letting Go

You cannot force yourself on someone or force them to love you. Too many people cling desperately to relationships that have run their course, when the sparks no linger flicker and the embers have lost their glow and turned to ashes.  

President Biden, You Must Do More to Protect Voting Rights

I was proud to work hard for the election of President Joe Biden. And I was proud to protest outside the Biden White House on Aug. 24. Along with other voting rights activists, including our co-organizers at the League of Women Voters, I called on President Biden to do more to protect voting rights under attack from Republican state legislators all across the country.

Ben Jealous

A New Vision of Safety Starts with Dialogue and Collaboration

Gentrification is the hot buzz word that the billionaire developers use for urban renewal. Essentially, they come into old dilapidated neighborhoods in the cities, and they level the communities to the ground, then they transfer them into a moderate technological showplace, with all the bells and whistles. Their projects are joint partnerships with federal, state, local, and large developers.

Texas Democrats are Getting Into ‘Good Trouble’

One year after the death of the great civil rights icon John Lewis, a group of Texas Democratic lawmakers is following Lewis’s lifelong call for people to make “good trouble” and “necessary trouble” to secure equality and justice for all. Congressional Democrats should bring the same level of commitment to resisting and overturning a new wave of voting restrictions that voting rights activist Stacey Abrams has labeled “Jim Crow 2.0.” 

Ben Jealous
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