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My Social Security’s Representative Payee Portal

Millions of Americans who get monthly Social Security benefits or Supplemental Security Income payments need help managing their money, and may need a representative payee.A representative payee is a person or an organization we appoint to receive and manage a person’s benefits.

Top Five Fraud and Scam Prevention Tools

Knowledge is power and having the right tools to fight fraud can make a huge difference.  Knowledge can also help those you love and want to protect.  We put together a list of the five most important resources about Social Security scams you should know about:

Adult Children with College Degrees Influence Parents’ Health in Later Life

Write down the benefits of obtaining a college degree and, more than likely, all the items on the completed list will relate to graduates: higher salaries, autonomous jobs, and better access to health care, for instance. All of those factors, supported by extensive research, help draw a direct line connecting higher education and health. Similar research suggests how the education of parents affects their children.

Social Security Benefits You

We Take Pride In Having Provided Vital Benefits And Services To This Great Nation For 86 Years.  America Has A Diverse Population With A Variety Of Needs.  To Meet Those Diverse Needs, We’ve Created Web Pages That Speak Directly To Groups Of People Who May Need Information About Our Programs And Services.These Pages Are Easy To Share With Friends And Family On Social Media.  Here Are Just A Few Resources That Might Help You Or Someone You Love:

Social Security Online Learning Tools

Our online learning resources for educators are great for teaching people about Social Security!  Chances are a student will know someone who receives retirement or disability benefits.  This could be a way to relate our many programs to a new audience, and show them that our programs help people other than retirees.  Understanding how Social Security helps wounded warriors, and children and adults with disabilities can lead to greater empathy and provide a path to inspired learning.

Social Security Services for the Hispanic Community

At Social Security, we strive to deliver great customer service and easy-to-access information about our programs.  Our Spanish-language website, http://www.ssa.gov/espanol, provides information for those whose primary language is Spanish.  There, your family and friends can learn about how to get a Social Security card, plan for retirement, apply for benefits, manage their benefits, and much more.

Three Retirement Planning Tips For Women

One day in 1939, Ida May Fuller stopped by the local Social Security office in her hometown of Rutland, Vermont to inquire about Social Security benefits.  She knew she had been paying into Social Security, and wanted to learn more.  The following year, she received the very first Social Security benefit payment — $22.54 — arriving as check number 00-000-001.  Ida’s story still holds lessons for women today — and it started with her getting the information she needed.

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