Women, Love, Money

If you notice, I put a comma between the words, women, love and money, just to play it safe. Money doth make the mare run, it takes cash to care, with money all things are possible, the love of money is the root of all evil, the lack of money is the root of all evil. Take your pick, money is at the central core of almost everything, good and bad, and so are women.

targetWomen, love, money, a winning combination. So much so that many phrases have been expressed about the female affinity for funds and finances. Some are not too flattering, such as gold digger, money grabber, and others that are really disparaging. But the fact remains, when it comes to money, women’s eyes light up and they salivate like Pavlov’s dogs.

Pavlov’s dogs …animals that develop a conditioned reflex and respond to a stimulus such as a bell ringing right before they are fed. After a while, they associate the bell ringing with food, so as soon as they hear a bell, they jump up and down in a feeding frenzy, even if no food is presented. A conditioned reflex.

Are women like that, does the very hint, suggestion, mention or promise of money make them jump up and down in a frenzy and salivate in anticipation of being romanced?

I know that I’m in trouble now, but what I’m saying is not new, but has been expressed by many long before I even existed. Recently while channel surfing, I came across the game show, Family Feud with Steve Harvey. One question was put forward, “We asked a hundred men, what do women love the most apart from men?” Well, the number one answer was money. And even though the poll was not scientific, it summed up and gave a general view of the sentiments, perception and reality that women love money.

Now of course not every single woman in the world loves men with money or are money grabbing gold diggers who set out to relieve men of their hard earned cash, but many are. Some aren’t though, and rely on their own resources to fend for themselves without the assistance of men. Single mothers fall into this category.

That’s because they are resilient, independent and resourceful. But that’s not to say that they wouldn’t choose a man with money over a man who has none. I’m yet to hear a woman say, “I don’t want you because you have too much money.”

I put it to those women, if you had a choice of marrying a handsome man who is dirt poor and homeless, or a dumpy, wrinkly ugly old man who is as wealthy as

a sheik and lives in a mansion, who would you choose? Who would you prefer that your daughter marry, the vendor on the street or the doctor or lawyer, even though the vendor is a nice decent young man who looks like a model?

Money is a means to independence, money is a way out, money is a tool for survival, and some women use their assets to achieve all that. Some may go to the extreme and are downright vulgar with their behavior, like those young women who target those old wealthy men to marry them.

And who says that it’s negative, for if those old guys want to splash their cash on the young lass, then that’s their call, nobody forced them to do it. Who says that money cant but love? Well, it buys something, even the semblance of love. “I know that I’m 80 years old and she’s 24, but I know that she loves me.”

“I love him for who he is, not for his money.” So maybe all men are dogs (Pavlov’s) and women love men with money. Maybe that’s why they say that a dog is man’s best friend, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 

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