Reclaim Your Vote - Support National Voter Registration Day

There are many different organizations who are working to Get the Vote Out, and get more people registered on National Registration Day 9-19-23. This started in 2012, and last year 1.5 million Americans were registered and others got their registration corrected.

vote“Over the years, National Voter Registration Day has been increasingly recognized by election administrators at all levels as a key nonpartisan opportunity to raise broad awareness of state-specific information related to voter registration, bolster community relationships, and broaden understanding of the electoral process. Time and again, the holiday has helped to elevate the essential role election offices play in distributing trusted voting information and administering free and fair elections,” says Secretary of State – Michael Adams.

This is a very powerful day for voters, but the marketing and the media did not do a good job of getting the word out. National voting rights organizations celebrated National Voter Registration Day, but where is there information to volunteer, and how will voters receive help.

As I did my homework on the correct day for the National Voter Registration day, there were/are different days proclaiming the correct date. On 9-28-21, President Biden claimed as the correct date, and on 9-20-22 it was acknowledged as the correct date. This year 9-19-23 is considered the correct date and 9-17-24, will be the correct date during the presidential election cycle.

Without a consistent date, many began to believe that the President and his team are not serious about the day, and voting. The right to vote is central to who we are as a Nation and a people. Voting provides Americans with a voice in building the country, and the same date makes it important for future generations.

It is obvious that many Americans don’t know there is a National Voter Registration Day exists, and one day probably is too short to educate 150 million eligible voters to the importance of voting. To start with, the National Voter Registration Day should last a week; and the government should spend money and resources to get the word out.

Every year a large amount of resources should be focused on the 17 to 21 year olds, who don’t understand the purpose or reason voting is so important. As the Republicans are suppressing the vote, the government, the Democrats, and voter volunteers should be expanding the registered number of voters in the country.

This year on 9-19- 2023, there has been limited media saturation concerning the National Voter Registration Day. Also the Black Voters Matter (BVM) has announced in 2023, a campaign “Reclaim your Vote” before the National Voter Registration Day.

For a fourth year, BVM has partnered with BET Media Group and the National Urban League to get the vote out from, 9-15-23 until 9-18-23. The goal is to galvanize the Black votes across the

country with a focus by providing voters with a digital resource center, and a one stop shop for key voter information.

The campaign’s activations will take place in key states to galvanize Black voters ahead of the general election in November including Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Working with grassroots organizations, specifically in key states in the South, BVM seeks to increase voter registration and turnout.

Hopefully next year, there will be more resources and a better organization from the voting leadership. There are millions of young voters able to vote, and all they need is knowledge and education. It is still not too late.