Social Security’s Top Ten Web Pages For 2021

There’s no better place to do your business with us or get answers than the website.  They're always working to improve web pages and add online services to better serve you.  Here are their top 10 web pages of 2021: 

  • aatoptenOpen your own my Social Security account, where you can verify your earnings, view your Social Security Statement, get future benefit estimates, obtain a benefit verification letter, update your Social Security information if you receive benefits, and more, at   
  • Their hub for Social Security news and updates is  You can use social media to easily share these informative articles with friends and family.  
  • Need answers to your Social Security-related questions?  The Frequently Asked Questions web page is another valuable source of information at
  • You can complete and submit an online application for retirement benefits in as little as 15 minutes at  
  • You can conveniently apply online for disability benefits at  
  • Visit their publication library online (including audio versions) on key subjects at  
  • You can learn about Medicare at
  • You can take care of most business with us online when you visit their online services page at
  • There are times when you may need to fill out a form and submit it to them.  You can find all forms easily at  
  • Learn how to recognize Social Security scams and how to report them at  

Remember, if you need help, information, or you are ready to do business with Social Security, the first place to go is their website.  Save time and go online!