State Representatives Kevin Chambliss & Scott Plakon Announce Their Submission of the Bipartisan Occupational Licensing Bill (HB 87)

Miami, FL –“Today, the Office of State Representative Kevin Chamblissis proud to announce that it has reintroduced a bipartisan bill that seeks to change the occupational licensing application process. This is the first bill that the office has filed this session. The bill revises the period of time when conviction, or any other adjudication, for crime may not be grounds for denial of licensure in specified professions; provides exception; removes provision requiring “good moral character” for licensure of such professions; and requires the applicable board to approve certain education program credits offered to inmates in certain correctional institutions or facilities to satisfy training requirements for licensure in specified professions.

State Representative Kevin Chambliss states that,

“As it stands, the process by which many apply for occupational licensing in certain industries is exceptionally prohibitive and arbitrary. The “good moral character” provision is too vague and allows whoever is viewing the application far too much freedom in deciding what that means to them. The goal is to allow all members of our community equitable access and opportunity to enter new industries or expand their business, especially those re-entering society and looking to set a foundation for themselves and their families.”

Republican State Representative Scott Plakon from District 29 will be the coprime on the bipartisan bill. This bill will greatly affect the construction and electrician trades in particular, two trades that are heavily demanded not only in District 29 & 117, but the entire state as well.