Singer Kevens Weighs in on Immigration With New Single 'Legal Dreamers'

With just 16 months to go before the United States presidential elections, the country is divided on issues related to immigration.

KEVENsSinger Kevens (pronounced Key-vens) has weighed in on the issue with his song, Legal Dreamers, which was released in May.

The California-based artist has watched, with concern, heart-wrenching scenes from the US/Mexico border where law enforcement have desperately tried to stem the flow of undocumented migrants from Latin America.

As someone who has lived in the US since he was nine years-old, Kevens empathizes with their plight.

"God Almighty gave us the freedom to be, to exist. But because of the barriers that mankind creates, this is why wars exist. We are fighting over what? A piece of land? We are all just passing through at the end of the day," he said.

Kevens disclosed that his roots are in Guadeloupe, French-Canada and Haiti. He was raised in Miami which is one of the US' great melting pots. It is home to a massive Spanish community,  and a vibrant Haitian populace.

Legal Dreamers is an EDM song with elements of reggae. Kevens is a pioneer of EDM, a techno-driven beat that took the world by storm 10 years ago through dynamo producers led by Major Lazer.

He recorded his first EDM song in 1998 but has been obsessed with old school dancehall music since his early teens. Super Cat, Sugar Minott and Brigadier Jerry are some of the acts from the 1980s he admired during his Miami days.

Legal Dreamers is Kevens' first released song in three years. Covid-19 put his recording on hold but he is looking to rebuild his career with follow-up songs in 2023.