Roots-Reggae Singer Ras Kronik Releases Latest Album 'The Energy'

For most of his career, roots singer Ras Kronik has done things on his own terms. There has never been a big budget when he does projects like The Energy, his third album, which was released on August 18.

raskroRas KronikLike his previous efforts, the Las Vegas-born artist spent considerable time on production. The next phase is getting it out to the public.

“You have so much online platforms now, to tell the truth it’s easier to get things done as an independent artist, but you still need the support of what they call traditional media,” he said.

The Energy is released by Pandemic Records, an Atlanta-based company owned by Ras Kronik’s brother, Sheldon Edwards. He worked with different producers on the 12-song set including Mr. Mig and longtime collaborator Ricky Dread of the Bonafide band.

Jah Jah Light, Rough outa Street and Agree to Disagree are some of the songs on The Energy, which Ras Kronik reports has been getting positive feedback, “especially in Gambia” where he plans to perform in 2023.

Ras Kronik is from Clarendon parish in central Jamaica. He has been recording since the 1990s, and did stints in South Florida and New York before settling in the United States West Coast over 10 years ago.

The title track, Consider Me and Herbs I Smoke are other songs from The Energy.