Jah Teff Set to Release New Album 'Money Grow Wing' in September

Money Grow Wing, the second album from veteran singjay Jah Teff, is scheduled for release in September. It has nine songs and hears him working with several producers.

teffjahsSingjay Jah TeffHis first album, Pan A Knock, was released in 2015. Jah Teff says he went for a different approach and sound on Money Grow Wing.

“The difference with this album, it’s more dedicated to my life and my growth in the music industry. I have grown tremendously doing this, and have a lot more experience learning about the business,” he said.

Songs from Money Grow Wing include Chop A Chop, produced by Jermaine Frazer and Erectile Dysfunction, produced by Omarie Lawrence.

“This album full of vibes and headbangers,” Jah Teff boasted.

The Montego Bay-born Jah Teff has been around the music business for 30 years. He made his recording debut in 1996 with Excercise, a song produced by Bounty Killer.

His big break came when he met top-flight deejay Anthony B who took him on tour of the United States just over 10 years ago as an opening act.

Over the years, Jah Teff has done songs for producers such as Ed Robinson and Jah Life. This year, the New York-based artist released two songs — Can’t Sleep and Money.