“Rastafari in the 21st Century – What Life has Taught I&I” Comes to the 2021 Miami Book Fair

The South Florida launch of the new book "Rastafari in the 21st Century: What Life has Taught I&I” by Priest Douglas Smith and Ras I. Jabulani Tafari takes place at the 38th annual Miami Book Fair in Downtown Miami on Saturday, November 20, 2021.

rascenThe two Rastafari authors are scheduled to appear at the Miami Book Fair at 5.00 p.m. in Room 8106 (the Magic Screening Room) on the first floor of Building 8 at the Wolfson Campus of the Miami Dade College.

Volume One of the new book by Priest Douggie and I-Jabulani contains the previously unwritten history of the First Generation of Rastafari Elders. Today, many of that First Generation of Rastafari Elders are transitioning on to become Ancestors, and as they do so, their colorful and important life stories are already starting to fade from the collective memory of the people of Jamaica and the world.

The colorful biographies of the individual Rastafari Patriarchs and Matriarchs highlighted in this Tribute to the Elders provide a panoramic, comprehensive and illuminating insight into the cultural mindset and political worldview of the original Rastafari activists. The 232 page book includes over one-hundred photographs and original artwork.

According to the authors their well-illustrated and thought-provoking volume was written as a literary tribute lest the world forget to highlight and honor those Rastafari Elders who sacrificed everything and endured so much with so little in order to establish a new Cultural Tradition and Way of Life.

The hour-long presentation and book launch by the Rastafari authors at the Miami Book Fair on Saturday November 20th will include music, videos and book signings before and after the event. Opening remarks will be made by the Miami-based Jamaican Consul General Oliver Mair.