Entrepreneur Tiffany Green-Abdullah Releases the Bean Pie

Atlanta, GA - To know where we’re going, we first need to know where we’ve been. In her new book, The Bean Pie: A Remembering of our Family’s Faith, Fortitude, & Forgiveness, entrepreneur Tiffany Green-Abdullah explores this concept to analyze her ancestral past with her own family.

abdgreenEntrepreneur Tiffany Green-AbdullahThe Bean Pie follows four generations of women in Tiffany’s family: Tiffany, her mother, her 2nd great aunt, and her grandmother. She has compiled each lesson and story into one delicately organized book.

Tiffany Green-Abdullah shares the lessons she and her family have learned by following the original bean pie recipe created by her 2nd great aunt Daisy—a recipe that has stood the test of time to become a celebrated staple in the homes of Black American Muslims. This uplifting and poignant journey through time is sure to inspire everyone to confront their own beliefs and find the courage to move forward in their lives.

Ms. Green-Abdullah found that she has much in common with her ancestors despite growing up decades apart. She was intrigued by the fact that many of her ancestors went through similar trials and tribulations yet always found their way through.

Though interests in learning one’s family history are rising, few people realize that they can analyze their ancestral past and apply their findings to their future. For author Tiffany Green-Abdullah, M.Ed., this was an intriguing and exciting concept.

When she began her research into her family’s past, she realized she could learn from not only her own mistakes, fears, and grief but those of her ancestors as well.