Dr. Lisa Collins Authors New Book - Love of Light: A Guide to Peace and Oneness

Fittingly, Love of Light: A Guide to Peace and Oneness is the title of the new book by Lisa Collins, Ed.D., a medium, spiritual writer, and playwright. The book provides step-by-step guidance to reclaim peace, tranquility, love, and connection.

loveligh“My book is an enlightening gift to the world on how to come back to love by connecting with yourself and with God,” explains Dr. Collins. “It is my hope that it will help readers to expand their consciousness, boost self-awareness, and help the ones they love by following the simple instructions in the book.”

Lisa Collins, Ed.D. provides the needed guidance on connecting to peace and love—as well as God. Readers can get answers to questions such as:

  • How have we allowed sexuality, politics, and skin color to divide us so much?
  • Why is it so difficult to love each other as human beings?
  • What would happen if we were to look at others as if they were whole?
  • How can we control the darkness of our minds?

The author also explores what life would be like if we led with love instead of judgement. She explains that it’s hard and it takes practice, but through prayer, each one of us can make progress.collinlDr. Lisa Collins, Ed.D.

Dr. Collins continues to spread love of light through more than one platform. She is also the host of her own Podcast - Love and Light with Dr. Lisa Living Every Day in Peace. The purpose of the podcast is to shine a light of hope. The show is designed to identify and find the need for a life of peaceful love-filled existence and engagement of tough topics by leaning in and incorporating healing. Its premise is that day-to-day living can be difficult in our world today and most people don’t know how to live a peaceful, joy-filled existence. Dr. Collins’ answer? She said that the key to this is simple: Love.

During episodes of the podcast, listeners will lean into healing practices that enlarge their spiritual reality through the act of love. This kind of love begins with yourself and your neighbor and transcends age, race, sex, generation, class, and sexual identity. Dr. Collins explains that the world changes when we root ourselves in love.

Those who wish to embark on a journey of Peace and Oneness are encouraged to join Dr. Lisa Collins as she unpacks and identifies the need for a peaceful, love-filled existence by engaging the challenging and hard topics of life. The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and YouTube.