A Brown Girl Like Me: A Historical Journey Through HERStory

(Allen Marketing) - Educator and Author La Tanya Brooks’s introduces A Brown Girl Like Me: A Journey Through HERstory. In this book, little Aubri Payton travels back in time and meets a beautiful fairy guide who whisks her off into a wondrous journey through time. The book presents history and victories in short, poetic, and fun lines that paint a picture of courage, audacity, and girl power.  

brookslaEducator and Author La Tanya BrooksThese Shoulders I Stand On: A Historical Journey from freedom fighter Sojourner Truth to influential trailblazing women, A Brown Girl Like Me:  A Journey Through HERStory, is a remarkable poetic thread that weaves in the inspiring pursuits and accomplishments of many stunning women throughout human history.  The coffee table book is written for middle grade to adult readers.

With each woman, there’s a lesson to be taught and learned: Odds are real. Struggles are daunting. Difficulty respects no age, race or gender. But they can all be overcome. Learn history and victories presented in short, fun, and impactful lines that paint a picture of hope, audacity and girl-power.

Poem features include: a Presidential Medal of Freedom award recipient and poet laureate, a media mogul, a supreme court justice and a human rights activist, and many more. LaTanya Brooks is an educator, speaker, and children’s book author. LaTanya’s passion for education has led her to create and maintain the website and blog Grow With STEM, which provides resources, education, and information about STEMrelated fields to children, educators, mentors, and parents.