NEW YORK, NY. SPECIAL NOTE … this is the most important episode EVER – so far.

By any standard of logic when something is not working it needs to be fixed.

MIAMI, FL. In the now ever-changing world of immigration rules in Trump’s America, there is always something to look out for and there’s a lot you can easily and quickly miss.

LONDON, England: Three weeks ago, Trinidad and Venezuela reached an agreement on the supply of gas from the latter’s Dragon Field, through the creation of 17-km undersea pipeline that will link it to the National Gas Company of Trinidad’s off-shore Hibiscus Platform.

In the 2018 election, almost every candidate across the country agree, that there is a need for prison reform in the US. It is extremely ironic, that a group of Black preachers would be invited to the White House with a meeting with President Trump, and they would make statements that the administration is doing a great job with prison reform.

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