Here’s a simple recipe for a Trini delicacy that you can make. It’s a mango chow.

Among the many delicious Jamaican dishes is the nutritious - and tasty – steamed fish and okra.

There’s an easy-to-make Caribbean drink called the painkiller, which is popular in the British Virgin Islands. Here’s the recipe:

MIAMI BEACH, Fl. — Television star and restaurateur Peter Thomas’ new Miami Beach restaurant Bar ONE Miami Beach has opened Peter’s Patio for customers. It’s perfect for our current COVID-19 conditions.  Peter’s Patio, which is a part of Bar ONE, is a 7,000 square foot patio with panoramic waterfront dining, including VIP cabanas on the luxurious Biscayne Bay marina, music, and a giant television screen so guests can enjoy sports and entertainment. The lush, soulful, and chic patio design adheres to safety standards to protect customers and restaurant crew during COVID-19. 

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