Tips to refresh yourself

Author:  Edited from StatePoint.
If you planned a new year’s resolution, instead of simply resolving to lose weight or drop a clothing size, consider placing a more positive spin on your objectives.

Whether your stated goal is to try new sports and hobbies or to get in touch with nature, you can better refresh yourself this new year with resolutions that help you get in shape while appreciating your surroundings and having fun.

Try something new - Testing out new sports and hobbies doesn’t need to require a great deal of time or financial commitment. There are plenty of ways to dip your toe in the water.

Thanks to online marketplace coupon services, it’s easy to find discounted access to local experiences like orienteering and rock climbing classes, fishing excursions, white water rafting journeys and more. Consider giving your fun and fitness goals a recharge by trying out something completely different.

Make more of it - Whether you’re hiking, biking, skiing or trying any other new outdoor sport, consider making the most of your excursions with tech gear that enhances the experience and keeps you safe.

Get competitive - Having a race or competition ahead on the calendar can be the motivating force that drives you to get off the couch, get fit and enjoy the outdoors.

Whether it’s a 10 kilometer obstacle race or a triathlon, training for such a competition can have cascading effects, leading to new healthy habits beyond more frequent workouts, such as getting more rest and hydration and eating a healthier diet. Completing your goal can be a truly rewarding experience.

In the new year, think beyond the scale. Refresh your body and mind with new experiences that lead to healthy habits.