SANTIAGO, Chile – A new United Nations report indicates, for the third consecutive year, the number of people chronically hungry has increased in the Caribbean and Latin America, while 250 million – 60 percent of the regional population -is obese or overweight, representing the biggest threat to nutritional health.

Teenagers will teach younger children how to swim under SPUD (Students Preventing Unintentional Drowning), a new after-school project created by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) in Broward County.

The Public Health Inspectors (PHI) in Clarendon are being lauded for initiating a programme that trains Chinese nationals and their Jamaican workers in food safety, in order to improve the standards in their establishments. 

CAYMAN ISLANDS- A toddler from Guatemala celebrated Christmas with a new chance at a normal life after surgery in a Cayman Islands hospital to correct pulmonary valve stenosis, a congenital heart defect. 

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