Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Creation of 2020 Census Statewide Complete Count Committee

Author  Leonie M. Hermantin

Miami, FL. – The Haitian Neighborhood Center, Sant La, leading member of South Florida’s Haitian Complete Count Committee, applauds the Governor’s decision to create the State of Florida’s Statewide Complete Count Committee. We also congratulate Paola Pierre, Chair of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (HACCOF), for being selected as a member of the committee.

pierre“Governor DeSantis’ decision represents a critical step in ensuring the accurate and complete count of hard to reach communities such as South Florida’s Haitian community,” states Gepsie Metellus, Executive Director at Sant La and chair of the Haitian Complete Count Committee of South Florida. "Assurances from Governor DeSantis that all information collected during the count will be protected, will go a long way in abating the fears which hinder an accurate enumeration of our immigrant communities.”

Lynda Joseph Jean, chair HACCC’s faith-based effort, commends the Governor for his selection of Paola Pierre as member of the Statewide Complete Count Committee. “Paola Pierre has been a steadfast member of our Complete Count Committee and her participation has ensured the robust engagement of our business community,” Lynda Joseph Jean said. “The governor could not have made a better choice,” she adds. 

Paola Pierre concurs that her role on the statewide committee is of grave importance. "I take very seriously the challenge we have ahead,” she states, “helping people overcome fear, apathy and ignorance about the Census. Our presence and numbers determine budgets, forecasts and critical decisions that will have a profound impact on the future of our families.”